As an innovative contract manufacturer, ERVO uses the latest manufacturing processes based on state-of-the-art technologies. Our parallel setup procedure cuts production times and the redundant systems improve failsafe performance. The employees in our low-manpower production shop efficiently produce components and assemblies in 3-shift operation (24 hours on 5 weekdays). Our expertise gained over more than 30 years and our entire innovative power go into processing your order – resulting in the unmistakable quality of a component from cubic production at ERVO Nüziders.



ERVO uses machining centres from renowned manufacturers and exclusively tools from longstanding partners. The latest technologies and constantly optimized machining processes enable us to always be one step ahead of increasing component complexity. We rely on innovative software solutions, effective tool management and our own high-performance CAM system. Our manufacturing processes are calculated in advance using near-reality simulations. This is how we can optimize our processes even during programming. Furthermore, our technology specialists are in a constant exchange with international experts in the industry about further options for process optimization at the software and hardware levels.

ERVO’s customer-centred cubic production is dedicated to progress through technology and seamless process optimisation.


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For the manufacture of complex components, we rely on custom, unique clamping systems. We have been developing our own clamping solutions for more than 15 years. They offer the necessary flexibility and are perfectly designed to suit our internal processes. Our clamping systems, which are often project-specific, provide extra advantages when used in our machining centers. This is because they allow us to fully utilize the strengths of the individual machines and to handle even the most complex jobs within short time frames.

We develop specific clamping systems to map complex cubatures so that we can produce them to a high degree of accuracy. You can find our entire machine park here.


Everything you need under one roof. Ask us now.

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In every respect, time is a valuable resource. That’s why we rely on a high degree of automation to keep costs as low as possible for you. Yet automation also comes with other benefits: consistent component quality, high plannability and process reliability, and impressive production capacity.

When it comes to machinery, ERVO exclusively uses machine tools with their own pallet changing systems and rotary pallet pools for up to 6 pallets. Our machines feature tool magazines for up to 409 tools. What’s more, cubic production at ERVO offers two flexible pallet containers from Fastems for the storage of 20 pallets which can stock two machining centers in parallel. In this way, our low-manpower production shop produces high-quality components cost-effectively and on time for your success.


Everything you need under one roof. Ask us now.