Small and large series

Prototype production is crucial to efficient series production. It enables accelerated processes while cutting costs and lead times. This is why we are so dedicated to prototype production under real-life, series-production conditions. We produce your prototype – whether a single component or an assembly – on the same plants as the planned series part and put it through all the same process stages. At ERVO, we rely on a combination of prototyping, series production, and quality assurance. This prevents problems down the line which can be caused by deviations between standard prototype and series production. Furthermore, effective pre-planning during prototyping can map all processes, support equipment development, and optimize production times. So your series production starts up quickly and efficiently.

Our team works closely with you to develop and produce your prototype. As a result, our concentrated expertise goes into your product. We will also be happy to support you in the engineering phase. After successful prototyping, we cooperate in the analysis and possible further refinement of the component or assembly. ERVO works hand-in-hand with you from the inception of your product right through to series maturity.