Many components and assemblies require ultra-careful handling during production and storage to ensure flawless performance, tightness, and surface appearance. This applies whatever processes they undergo. Our custom parts handling starts with the supplier and stretches across cutting blanks through to delivery of the end product. We instruct all our subcontractors and suppliers correspondingly and insist on special packaging requirements. We train our own employees specifically for the products they work on and continually carry out visual and sealing surface tests.

To ensure effective protection of all products with high visual and sealing surface requirements, ERVO develops product-specific baskets for transport and cleaning. These special baskets are used internally to transport the components to every production point, and externally to transport them to our partners for further treatment. If required, we deliver the components and assemblies to you in our transport baskets. This ensures perfect protection of your product at all times. ERVO offers a sustainable solution for empty baskets. Simply return them to us for re-use.

storage & transport


We have developed our own transport and cleaning baskets that keep your product safe, from manufacturing to delivery of the end product. Components in storage are packed in product-specific cartons ready for further processing or shipping. Our carton packagings are eco-friendly because they are ideally designed to protect your product and the resources used in it. ERVO’s custom parts handling is a sustainable response to our planet’s finite resources.


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